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What is NuGet and what does it do? Microsoft Docs.
For example, package creators use the nuget pack command to create a package from various assemblies and related files, package consumers use nuget install to include packages in a project folder, and everyone uses nuget config to set NuGet configuration variables.
install-umbraco-with-nuget install setup getting-started Documentation
In the next screen choose an Empty project template and don't' enable any of the checkboxes, leave them all unselected. Either use the NuGet Package explorer to install Umbraco 8 or the Package manager console the command is: Install-Package UmbracoCms.
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See the gems README for further details. You can also install and manage Bootstraps Sass and JavaScript using Composer.: composer require twbs/bootstrap4.4.1: NuGet. If you develop in NET, you can also install and manage Bootstraps CSS or Sass and JavaScript using NuGet.:
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grunt-nuget Grunt NuGet Interface Create and publish your NuGet packages using GruntJS. Install this grunt plugin next to your project's' gruntfile with: npm install grunt-nuget save-dev. NOTE: if you are on a unix system, you should install Mono first. Then add this line to your project's' Gruntfile.js.:
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Downloading and Installing WinSCP NET Assembly: WinSCP. Toggle search. Search.
The NuGet package includes the assembly itself and the required WinSCP executable. When installed, it adds the assembly as reference to your project and sets up WinSCP executable to be copied to project output directory, so that it can be found on run-time.
NET Core 3.1 Support for ASP.NET Core, WinForms, and WPF Controls v19.2.5. DevExpress Blogs. Facebook. Twitter. YouTube.
In the meantime, feel free to provide the information about the assemblies you use in the ticket subject or body. We have reorganized our WPF packages in online and local NuGet feeds so that you can reference only the required controls instead of adding a package that contains the entire WPF suite see changes to NET Core NuGet package structure.
How to install Umbraco 8 using NuGet YouTube.

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